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Professional, Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits

Corporate Headshots, Business Portraits,
Professional Profile Photos

A portrait, is the fruit of intense aesthetic focus...
~ Sophie Haigney

An art critic in a New York Times article

Leonardo Da Vinci kept working on 'Mona Lisa' (portrait of a Florentine businessman's wife) for 14 years till he was too ill to paint and died eventually). The client who commissioned it never got the portrait, the King of France got to keep it instead.

Gustav Klimt took 4 years to finish an ethereal 'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I' while fighting depression.

While the digital technology lets us capture photos with ease and speed this can makes us forget that portraits are supposed to be works of art, not just photos or clicks or snaps.

Take the art out of portraits and they become mere photos. An artist captures the essence of you in a photograph, transforming it into a portrait. That's what I do, portrait artistry. 

My Approach to Portraiture

Unlike these artists, I have the technology on my side and I use a well honed process to manage my workflow with discipline - hence I don't need 4 years or 14 years, just around 2 to 3 hours to unveiling your personality in a portrait that defines who you are. To put it simply my approach is a combination passion, hard work and discipline.

A look that is your true self!

Everyone has a look that sparkles and embodies their true self—a look that makes them say, "Yes! That's me!." I like to discover that 'you'. To do so we try different options, opportunities, I shoot multiple portraits guiding you, handholding you all the way through with your expression and presentation till both you and I are satisfied. Effort or time are no objects here, getting the best possible portrait of you is.

Selection: Narrowing Down on the Best

From multiple portraits that we will have, you will select only the best assisted by me. 

Retouching - Polishing The Best To Make Them Even Better!

Next, I'll make the selected portraits even better by enhancing your natural features and a polished look with some light retouching.

A welcome side-effect of my photoshoots is this…

Any assumptions you might have had about your looks, those whispers of self-doubt, self-criticism, insecurities, anxieties - they evaporate for good by the end of the session. That's a great feeling! You won't say any of these again:

"I'm not comfortable in a photo shoot"

"I'm not photogenic."

…these insecurities will disappear for good. Your attitude towards photo shoots will change. This is what I have seen  happening in photoshoot after photoshoot.

Lastly, having acknowledged that you deserve a great headshot and having acted upon that - your self-esteem gets a boost. You have taken a positive step that makes you feel good about yourself.

Pricing Transparency & Flexibility

Restrictions have no place here, no silly packages, no additional charges hidden fees. A well documented price list shared upfront - so money is out of the way. There’s no time limits either, you don't need to keep worrying if time is running out before you incur extra charges. No limits or additional charges on attire changes too!

All you have to do is to let go, follow my suggestions, work with me and let your personality shine. We're in this together, you need a great headshot and I too need a great headshot of yours that's my portfolio worthy. You just have to work with me, follow my lead as I handhold you through the session. You will see how invested I am in giving you your best headshot.

So, are you ready to book your professional photoshoot?

Are you ready? Let's uncover your personality! Book your photoshoot today and step into the spotlight you deserve!

Portfolio of Professional, Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits

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Professional Headshots
With White or Gray Backdrop

10k Portraits offers stunning corporate headshots, crafted to make a lasting impact. These portraits can be high-key or low-key, ensuring your face takes center stage without any distracting elements. Close-ups capturing up to half your upper arm, as shown above, bring focus and intensity to your image.

But don't be fooled by their simplicity. These corporate headshots are business-like yet effective in conveying your unique personality. Whether you need a formal air for professional profiles or a touch of informality for social media, we can tailor the session to match your needs.


Ready to elevate your online presence? Showcase your professional persona with a captivating 10k Portraits' corporate headshot. Perfect for website profiles, social media avatars, presentation intros, and brand-building content, these images will project confidence and charisma wherever you go.

Professional Headshots
Vertical / Two-Thirds with White or Gray Backdrop

Step into the Spotlight with 10k Portraits' Two-Thirds Headshots (Also known as Cowboy Shots)

Move beyond close-ups and embrace the full power of your presence with 10k Portraits' Corporate Portraits. These striking images capture the upper two-thirds of your body, revealing your body language and expressions with captivating clarity. While not as close-up as our Headshots, they offer a wider frame to showcase your posture, confidence, and overall professional demeanor.


Shot against a clean white, gray, or any color of your choice, these portraits let your personality shine through without distractions. They're perfect for making a powerful impact on your website profile intros, presentations, and all your brand-building content.


Ready to command attention and exude a commanding presence? Let 10k Portraits craft your ideal Corporate Portrait, an image that captures your essence and projects your professional best.

Go Beyond the Studio: 10k Portraits brings your professional image to life, offering Professional Headshots and Business Portraits on location. Whether you prefer the familiar comfort of your office or home, or the vibrant energy of an outdoor shoot, we create stunning portraits that perfectly capture your essence.

Embrace the Power of Backdrops: Choose the perfect backdrop to complement your personal brand and message. Our standard white or gray backgrounds offer timeless elegance and ensure you remain the center of attention. For a touch of drama, opt for a darker hue, adding an air of sophistication and intrigue.

White Background: The epitome of clean and professional, white backgrounds ensure your face and expression take center stage. Ideal for consistent branding across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or your social media avatars, white backgrounds offer a neutral canvas for your professional persona.


Gray or Dark Background: Elevate your headshot with the boldness of a darker backdrop. Gray or black adds a touch of drama and intensity, drawing the viewer even deeper into your gaze. This sophisticated alternative adds another layer of depth and personality.


Colorful Background: Let your colors speak! For those who truly want to stand out, vibrant backdrops offer a playful and memorable way to showcase your personal brand. From bold hues to subtle pastels, there's a perfect color to tell your unique story.


No matter your style or location, 10k Portraits helps you craft the perfect image to make a lasting impression. Contact us today and let's capture your professional best!

Professional Headshots
With Ambient Backdrop

Let 10k Portraits capture your professional essence where you thrive. Ambient backdrop headshots showcase you in your office, home, or any authentic setting, adding depth and personality to your image. We'll blur distractions and balance lighting to ensure you remain the star, all while hinting at your brand story. Perfect for entrepreneurs, remote teams, and anyone seeking a unique, relatable headshot.

Ditch the generic, tell your story. Contact us today!