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Done and Dusted?

It's your son's birthday. You got the event photography done, everything went well, you went home happy. A few days later you check with the photographer when you are going to get your photos and he says, 'soon'. After a few weeks you are still following up for the photos.

This is a very common outcome with most photographers. Check with your friends or acquaintances. Most people's experience is similar.

This happens because most photographer are in it for the money, most think that when a photo is taken the job is done. This is not a misconception, it is an utter lie. The job is NOT done till the photo is processed and shared with the concerned customer, preferably printed and framed or printed in an album and delivered. If the customer hasn't opened and seen the photos or the album, seen it again and again to relive the memories, the job is not done. The job is not done if the photo is left to dry on the memory cards and external HDDs.

Unfortunately most photographers are too preoccupied with making money not memories. They are here for the money not for an opportunity to make memories for customers and improve their own art of photography.

However there's good news: not all photographers are like that. I for one don't rest till you get the photos in soft copy form at least if you haven't opted for prints or albums. My services come with a guarantee of timely delivery. Don't take my word for it, click here to see what my customers say.

Get in touch with me, let me know what you need, I will make sure that your memories are etched on paper, printed in albums for you to relive them.

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