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Ravi Putcha

Hello there! I am Ravi Putcha. For me being a photographer, an artist means being into it with all my heart, mind and body. This is not a side hustle for me (I don't shoot weddings, products, food...I consider them side hustles, distractions). Speaking of which, I live, I breathe, eat, sleep, think and dream photography, people photography - doing everything, pleasing everyone is for not me.  I say 'no!' to most things and not apologetic about it. 

​After working for more than 15 years in quality assurance and customer advocacy in large IT companies, I started my own professional photography service.



Photography provides a means of self expression for me, manifest my beliefs and values with a purpose (unlike a job with a monthly salary which robs you from your true self).  Photography lets me use my ideas, imagination and creativity to create a great service, a service, an art that YOU would remember and talk about. I want to make it memorable, make it worth it, do it so damn well for I got but one life to live and am not going to live forever.

What is 10k Portraits Photography?

It is not an organization or a company or any of that nonsense! It is just the name of my service, it has its own entity which evolves with my own evolving personality and based on feedback from my customers. There is no 'we' here, there's just me, I do take help from an assistant but I alone am responsible for the service and its outcomes.

What's the deal here?

10k Portraits is built on stoic business model (haven't heard of such a thing? I invented it, perhaps somebody also did, doesn't matter, does it?). It is simple and here is how it goes:


I am not aiming to get every potential customer there is, seeking more of everything is not me, seeking better of what already exists is what it is about. It is not about more revenue, more profits but it is about better of what already is. More doesn't matter, better matters. Better art, deeper connections, better results, better quality, better of everything than yesterday. 

If you are interested in getting to know more about how I work, connect with me on LinkedIn or check out my blog page, right here on this website.

When I am not shooting for my clients, I write about photography. When I'm not doing both these, I do travel photography.

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