This manifesto is based on a set of beliefs viz. honesty, quality and reliability.


If you value quality above everything else, this service is for you. Here's what I mean by quality:


Premium end to end service: The pricing is premium and I understand is not for everyone (understandably so), that's how it is meant to be. However I don't hesitate to go an extra mile or two to give you the best possible results.


Single, Fixed, Transparent and No-bargain-price for a given service: Clearly written price list with no hidden charges. Right from the get go you will know what you will pay and what you will get for the price you pay. There will be no tricks, gimmicks, discounts, bargains, negotiations or demand based price changes. One price for a given service at any given time, period. That's not to say prices don't get revised from time to time.


On-time Service: Be it arrival at the shoot location*, delivery of photos, no need for follow-up or reminders.


Please see the matrix below: