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The Best Gift

"Of all the gifts that you can give to your children, portraits are the best" - a photographer said.

Well, I disagree! Love, nurturing environment to grow ( physical and emotional) - these are the best gifts. But not far behind are the memories which you can pass on by getting portraits of your kids, your family done. Your progeny and their progeny down the line will thank you for it.

Do you have a lot of photos of you growing up or as a child? Do you wish you had more, do you wish your parents should have done more photos of you and your siblings? Yes you do!

We can't turn the clock back but you can give this gift to your children. Give what you didn't get (at least not enough) - the photos you get today, you can't get them tomorrow. So better do it now. How do you do that? Give me a shout, a call or a message (if you are feeling lazy) and I will set you up.


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