A portrait is not a click on the camera - it is not a snapshot of you, it is not something you get while attending someone's wedding or a party, it is not what you think it is. There's more to it than is obvious.

Getting a portrait is a deliberate act, an intention, a serious effort to show the real you to the world. It takes effort and investment, it is not a passing snap you get anytime, anyhow.

If you don't like your portraits, perhaps you are not willing to give what it takes a great photo of you that you love or you couldn't find a portrait photographers who can give you what you are looking for.

Bottom line? Getting a portrait done is a deliberate, intentional act, not something you expect for free or easy without any effort.

If you have read this far, perhaps you want a portrait and I'm here to help. Get in touch with me.


Many tell me they don't like their own photos. Why? There are many reasons. The first, the person behind the camera.

Anyone holding a camera is a photographer, right? Because the camera does everything, a photographer only clicks a button. I was kidding!

But many photographers only know to click the button that takes the photo. No wonder they call their work, 'clicks', 'shots', or 'snaps'. These folks don't know how to take good headshots or don't care.

'A fool with a tool is still a fool'. Cameras don't make photographers (they don't take good headshots on their own either). You give a great camera to someone like that, most likely you get a headshot you don't like.

If you want to fix this, don't skimp on hiring a photographer. A good one who knows his job and charges more for a reason. Check out the portfolio and if you don't find any interesting portraits or headshots let him/her pass. Hiring someone because he/she is cheap, is why you are not getting good portraits or headshots.

Let me fix this for you, call me!


Babies grow every day and their growing years must be preserved as poignant memories to look back on. There will be beautiful moments to capture even if it is not your baby's birthday and it'd be a shame to reserve photo shoots to only birthday parties.

I am pleased to introduce my mini baby photo shoots - shoots lasting just about an hour to capture growing years of your kid, quickly without much preparation. Shoots are done at your home or a nearby park if you choose.

Here's how they work: You schedule a date and time, I visit your place, take 7-10 photos (A couple of solos of the kid, a few shots with the parents) in 45 mins and deliver them in 5 days. Simple!

These shoots also cost much less than regular shoots.

Shoots like this done every month or two will give you a ton of photos which can be made into an album after your kid's birthday. It'd be beautiful, don't you think?