Profile pictures are a pain in the…neck! You register, login, fill in your details with all the speed you can muster, a rush of energy and enthusiasm filling your body. Soon enough you are prompted to upload a profile pic. "Profiles with a great profile picture is the secret behind great interest, viewership, response from the others" - that's what the message says. That sounds more like a warning - "if you don't have a great profile pic, forget it…" that's what it sounds like, isn't it?

Actually, it is true! I know, I know that is not very kind of me to say that. You don't have a good picture of yourself, most of us don't. You browse through your 'Pictures' folder - there are all kinds of pics, but none of them look good enough for a profile picture, not if actually look at them. You take a leap and upload anything, it comes back to bite you in the back. Backhanded comments, jokes…I spare you the memory of embarrassing experience the last time this happened.

Fortunately it is easy, not as impossible as you think. Just call me and I will resolve this problem for you once and for all. I bring the studio to your home or office or anywhere you want and we get cracking and create a great portrait, a picture that presents in the best possible manner. I assure you, you would love the experience, not just the portrait. Be it formal or informal, whatever be the social media platform, you got it.

The next time you need a profile pic, you know where it is…or if you want a new one, you know what to do (just call me). Here's a heads up for you, choose what's best for you.


Updated: Jun 15, 2019

The concept of indoor studio is under threat!

Photography has come a long way since Richard Avedon (in the picture above working on an off-studio, outdoor portraits). Increasing portability of photographic equipment is bringing in new possibilities for pictures outdoors.

Today, few people think about going to a studio when they need a portrait. Easiest and first thing that comes to mind is taking a picture with smartphone if you can get away with it. These photos won't cut it for serious picture making because there are many things that might not work. Background, lighting, posing...the whole nine yards.

Situations when you need portraits done for a dozen people in your office, your board members, your team, going out to a studio is impractical.

That's when you got to call a professional to do it for you, get studio-style portrait done right in your office or home.

If you want a portrait with solid white, gray or black backdrop, it is easy. If you would rather go for a natural, silky smooth bokeh of everything in the background, you got it, no sweat! Or, if you want a portrait of you in your cave, with all the tools of your trade around you, that is not a problem too.

All this means convenience and power of choice for you.