When you pay for something, you are entitled to get everything you pay for including, all the bits of pieces of fabric the tailor cuts away, your hair that barber swipes away, scrapes of food left over after they serve you the dish you ordered in a restaurant...haha! I was kidding. You don't want all that, right, or do you?

This is a conundrum of a pack rat that keeps every morsel of food it is not eating, every piece of cloth it destroyed from an heirloom silk saree that was handed down a few generations, every piece of wire and wood it scraped away. It might have its reasons, it is a rat-life. But what excuse do people have? None!

It is a fact that any photographer including I, need to take multiple shots out of which good ones are given to the customer. Some people want every photo good or bad that was shot - they feel entitled (technically they are). Have you wondered what you will do with all the clutter? What's the value of good photos hidden in the haystack of mediocre and bad photos? Here's what you would do, you would back them up safely and forget them for the time being and promise yourself you will come back to it when time permits and sort it out. But life will get you, other important stuff will take over and you will never be able to get back to it.

What you are paying a photographer is for the service of planning the shoot, the shoot itself, curating the entire lot of photos, selecting the good ones, edit and give you usable good photos. But insisting on having all of them you are saying, "...just give me all the ingredients and I will cook the dish myself" if you were in a restaurant...not a very smart thing to do, do you agree?

I always curate and give the best to my customers, that's the part of the service I wouldn't skip for any reason, speaking of which have you planned your photo shoot yet? Just let me know, I will help you with it (...and that's part of the service too). Cheers!

When I show the portraits and headshots I just took of a client, some of them focus on their own imperfections. The nose that's slightly bigger, an eye a wee bit smaller than the other, freckles on their cheeks, stained teeth, forehead that's way too high for their taste, hair that's falling in the wrong direction...the list is endless. Others (smart folk) seek other's opinion (like a friend, spouse or the photographer, that's me) which is a good thing to do, we'll see in a minute as to why. It is amazing how for a space as small as our face we can find infinite imperfections. How do we manage to imagine mountains of imperfections out of molehills of our features? (no pun).

The answer lies in our neurobiology, more specifically in a hidden pathway in our brain (hypothalamus) called RAS (Reticular Activating System). If you are interested in these nerdy details head over to this link to this wonderful article by Sandro Saferelli. If you don't, here is a quick and dirty summary: our mind focuses on what we want it to focus on, well da! If we overanalyze our imperfections, we keep looking for them ignoring the fact that others don't look at us the same way. Others don't notice every poke mark, every blemish and curve on our faces, far from it. They are busy doing it to themselves, haha! Hence it is always a good idea to seek other's (not everyone's, just one or two people only) opinion about how your photos is.

Bottom line? those of us who are unforgiving of ourselves are wasting our precious resource, our thinking, our time. We can pick and choose what we want to focus on. We can do better at picking on our own thoughts and directing, nudging ourselves like our mind is a child that it is.

Speaking of looking good in photos, let's hear it from you, when do you want your photo shoot done? Get in touch with me by clicking here and let's setup your shoot soon. Till next time!

Have you ever wondered how many photos of you that you actually need at any time? I did, and I can tell you as a professional portrait photographer, 'not many'... that's not too specific, right? Unless you have a specific need to have multiple photos of you floating around at the same time (you might have your reasons) or you are trying to save some money on session fees and getting a bunch shot at once that you can use later (makes sense), you don't need more than 5 photos at a time. 3 is optimal 5 to 10, more the merrier, wait but why so many more?

The trouble with 'the more the merrier approach' to life is that we end up choosing things we don't need or can possibly use. Some photographers offer unlimited portraits or headshots in half an hour or an hour. Why would anyone need 30 headshots of themselves? - especially if in half of them you were caught blinking or looking like you were just about to swat a mosquito? Trust me, no one does...also especially if the photos are in their raw unusable form. Even if they are edited, usable photos it is an overkill, your money down the drain.

You are better off with a few usable photos taken once a year or two, the photos present you the way you look like in that period of time. It is like getting a haircut, you can't go whole hog on it, go for a single haircut in an year - you are better off going periodically, regularly and the same thing holds good for headshots and portraits too. Once every year or 6 months depending on how updated and fresh you would prefer your profile photo to be.

By the way, if your haircut (oops! your photo shoot) is due now, let me know. You can get 3 or 5 or more usable, edited photos of you edited to your liking.