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Whose Photo is it Anyway?

When I shoot your portrait, whose portrait is it? Yours of course!

Whose photo is it? Mine!

When I shoot a portrait for you, I would like to think that that photo is mine though I am not in it. When I think your portrait is my work, I am emotionally, artistically invested in it because it is an extension of years of my learning, experience and art. If it turns out to be a bad, that's on me. On the other hand if it is good and you love it, I am proud of it (sometimes even if you don't like it that much, I might still be proud of it for my own reasons).

The point being: we are in it together. I have a sense of ownership as much as you do and that's a good thing, for you, for me, for us! Because I care, I use all my energies to make it happen right, I give my all to make it into a beautiful piece of art and that's a good thing for for us and for the art of photography.

Yes, that's how we roll here like they say. I will give it my best shot (pun intended), no shortcuts, no cutting corners. It is not for money, not for fame, I do it because that's what I am, guided by my own quality manifesto. It is here.

Speaking of portraits or headshots, let's team up, create beautiful portraits of you. I am just a call away. It is easy to get in touch with me or find me on a simple Google search (I did it for you already, just click this link).


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