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Headshots that propel your digital presence forward!

When was the last time you Googled someone? What did you find out about her? What was your impression about that person? How was his profile picture (headshot)?

​Now imagine someone Googling YOU! (it could be a potential investor, a customer or a recruiter). How's YOUR profile picture? When someone checks your profile online, what will they find? awkward selfies? A photo of you cropped out of a group photo taken in a friend's wedding? 

10k Portraits Photography is an exclusive service which means it will be provided with your needs in mind to show in best possible light. You may ask, "Is it really necessary?"

Yes! it is necessary. Your headshot is the only interface for people who haven't met you in person. People immediately form an impression looking at your photos that pop up in the search results, just like you do about others. Headshots have the power to create conscious or subconscious impression on the viewer. Can you afford to make a poor first impression? Can you be casual about it?

Profiles with a professional headshot are 21 x more likely to be viewed and 36 x more likely to be messaged.


It can take just 13 milliseconds to form a first impression – less time than it takes to blink an eye! Lucky number anyone? 

A great headshot helps you....

Create a perfect first impression

Look professional, approachable, honest, and trustworthy

Build your brand reputation

Position yourself as a thought leader or the go-to person in your area of expertise

Feel proud and confident about your online profile

10k Portraits Photography is the right service to get yourself just that. This is an on-location headshot, portrait photography service...meaning you don't need to go anywhere to get your headshots, the studio comes to you. In other words, quality headshot photography service home delivered!

Studio at
your doorstep

Flexibility with
poses, attires


If you want headshots with classic white or stylish gray backdrops, it will be setup at your home or office with complete studio lighting - no shortcuts. You will be amazed how a studio can be setup even in small spaces. The results, outstanding as always.

Headshot with classic white backdrop
Headshot with stylish gray  backdrop
outdoor headshot
Lifestyle portrait

If you would like natural backdrop of trees and greenery we can head outdoors, I have curated best locations for outdoor headshots for you so that you don't have to.

If you want your office or home in the background, I will recce the place for you to select the best place within your office. 

Are you shy or uncomfortable in front of a camera?

Some folks don't like their photo taken, some are not comfortable in front of a camera, some people don't like to pose whereas some feel weird about their nose, ears, eyes, body etc. Portrait photography is as much about addressing these issues and concerns, make you feel comfortable and looking your best as lighting, posing, retouching etc. are. 


Who am I? What's my story?

I am Ravi Putcha, a Professional Headshot and Branding Photographer based in Gurgaon, serving areas in and around Delhi NCR. I help individuals, brands and businesses stand out from their competitors with striking headshots that connect with their clients and creating a perfect first impression. 

My mission is to give you your best possible headshot.

If I have to walk an extra mile to do so, I would.

If I have to spend more than 2 hours to give you 2 great headshots, I would.

If I have to spend more time to help you select the best shots, I would.

I don't care about the time and effort it takes, all I care about is giving you your best headshot.

I will coach you to try and ensure you look professional, confident, and approachable

so that your new headshot will get you noticed!

Look, if all you ever know about a photographer, any photographer is the one you saw in your neighborhood photo studio or someone you saw in your cousin's wedding, you haven't see my service yet! Your idea of a headshot photography will change when you see me work your headshot for you!

Do these sound like tall claims? No, they are not, jus see what a client of mine has to say about my service (you can read it on Google by clicking here):


This was my first ever professional shoot and had no idea how much effort goes in taking and choosing right pics. Ravi works tirelessly to get the best out of you with great deal of patience and I am not surprised with the final outcome given the dedication and effort went in to the shoot. I would highly recommend Ravi especially to first timers because you would need somebody like him to make you comfortable and bring out the best in you. ...for personalized experience against usual neighborhood studios where you are just one more customer. ~ Mahesh Barate, Gurgaon

If you need more information, I’m more than happy to chat! Click on the following button to send me a message or click here to get in touch with me over WhatsApp


classic headshots
Two thirds Headshots
Lifestyle, outdoor headshots and portraits

10k Difference

If all you know about portrait photographers is old fashioned tacky poses, 'say cheese', and 'smile!' are going to discover modern, serious, professional photography with 10k Portraits. 

Almost all professional photographers are stuck to their studios, some can do only weddings, there are none except 10k Portraits who can shoot in a studio, outdoors, offices, homes, just about anywhere as long as it is headshots or portraits. That's right. With 10k Portraits, you are not restricted to studios. Instead you focus on what you want, the kind of photos that work for you and I take care of the rest. I shoot wherever necessary to get you the portraits you need.

At your home? No problem!

Your office? Of course!

Outdoors with greenery in the background? Sure!

In your factory or studio? Done!

With 10k Portraits, the studio comes to where you are, not the other way round. Or you can visit a studio too! The point is the service is totally customizable, to suit your needs.

What my clients say about my work?


Deepeshwari Beniwal

With his professionalism, creative input and enthusiasm, Ravi interpreted our vision and delivered what exactly we wanted...the best experience till date.


Nishant Motwani

Ravi's setup, process and dealing were super friendly and professional. He delivered exactly what I wanted, drew out the right expressions, he cares enough and invested into the process. 

headshot portrait

Pankaj Soni

He delivered exactly what we wanted! Never looked at his watch even once, brought the best out of us. He understands lights and poses, is very passionate and meticulous.

headshot portrait

Mahesh Barate

Ravi works tirelessly to get the best out of you with great deal of patience and I am not surprised with the final outcome given the dedication and effort went in to the shoot.

Reviews on Google

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I change my headshot or LinkedIn profile photo?

If your online portrait is noticeably different from how you really look, it’s time for a new one. If you change your hairstyle, got a new pair of glasses, or gained or lost weight or if your current headshot is more than 1 year old, it is a good time for an updated headshot, we change and age visibly in one year and significantly in 2 years.

What’s the difference between a headshot and a business portrait?

A headshot shows the head and shoulders of the person and generally taken against a plain white or grey or black background. Whereas a business portrait shows the surroundings to give a sense of the working environment. These are not rules, just norms. With 10k Portraits, you can get what you need. The shoot will be tailored to your requirements.

What should I wear for my photo shoot?

Clean, pressed clothes that fit comfortably, neither too tight or too loose.

What should I not wear for my photo shoot?

This is an easier question to answer. Creased, crumpled clothes are not to be worn at all. Old shirts and trousers which were washed several times are supposed to be donated to the less privileged. Shirts with collars that collapse...either get them fixed (yes that's possible) or donate them. 

Should I smile in my business portrait?

There are no rules, you need to decide what you need and what is appropriate. If you want to look friendly and approachable in a headshot or business portrait you smile - I will coach in smiling right. However I am happy to understand your needs and guide you to get the best headshot you deserve...with or without smile.

With a minimum of three edited photos included in my headshot photography session, you have the scope to try a range of expressions, and you can use whichever one is the most appropriate in any given context. For instance, a shot with a more serious expression might suit a webpage detailing the services you offer, while a more cheerful look might fit better on an 'about' page, where you’ll want to show a bit more of your personality.


What can I expect from a typical headshot / portrait session?

Prior to the session, we will plan the shoot. On the day of the shoot, we'll narrow down the outfit options. I understand that not everyone is comfortable in having their photos taken. I will guide you through the shoot. You will get to see your headshots at several points during your photo shoot so you can tell me how it is going and if any changes are needed.

How is retouching of headshots done?

I prefer to capture you in your best light, and provide professional retouching keeping you looking natural, the way you are. However I understand that everyone prefers a different level of retouching and it will be tailored to your needs.

Do I really need professional retouching for my headshots?

Retouching is the finishing touch that make good headshots look better, however this can be skipped if you don't want your photos retouched.

Can I have the RAW files?

RAW files are unfinished images and I do not supply these to my clients.

How long does it take to get my headshots after the shoot?

7 to 10 days

How will I receive my headshot images? 

I delivers the digital headshot images you purchase as high-quality JPG files through a download link. 

Should I wear jewelry?

You may! There are no rules. It is a matter of what is appropriate for your specific needs. For corporate headshots, jewelry should be minimal so as not to cause distraction how if your needs are different, you are the best judge as to what to do.

Should I put on makeup for a headshot photo shoot?

Yes but please keep it minimal for corporate headshots. For formal headshots, please avoid eyeshades or anything overboard. 

Should I wear my glasses in a headshot photo shoot?

If you normally wear glasses, yes. Keep the cleaning eyeglass cloth handy however.

Is there anything else I should do to prepare for my headshot session?

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot - also minimize alcohol to two drinks in the evening before the shoot - but feel free to fulfill the shortfall in the quota after the shoot. Drink plenty of water to make you feel and look your best! Also make sure you iron or steam the clothing choices you are going to wear in to your session and decide on how you will style your hair and/or makeup. Please go through the preparation tips I share with you when you book a session.

Can I share my headshot session time with a friend or colleague?

Yes! you can, however, please note that it will be a single session shared between you folks meaning the number of headshots per session doesn't change nor the additional charges. 

Do I have to decide which images I want during my session?

Yes. I will guide you and be your “second opinion.” The last bit of narrowing down will be based on your needs and budget.

Which outdoor location is best for photo shoot?

I have a curated list of pre-determined locations based on lighting, permissions, the available backgrounds - outdoor shoots are done only in these locations, if you however needs this to be elsewhere, please let me know the details. 

Can I get photos specific to my business needs like lifestyle photography and branding photos?

Absolutely. Please share you needs in advance so that we can plan the shoot accordingly.

Can I get some photos for my dating profile along with some headshots?

Absolutely. Please share you needs in advance so that we can plan the shoot accordingly.

Can I get photos with my family along with some headshots?

Absolutely. Please share you needs in advance so that we can plan the shoot accordingly.

Does a headshot session include half & full-length shots?

Absolutely. We take you from all angles and at all lengths.

How do I prepare for a headshot / portrait shoot?

You will get preparation tips once you book a session. 

Can I order prints?

Yes! I create superior quality, high end art prints. These are Mercedes of photo prints not Altos. Printed on cotton rag, acid free etching paper imported from Germany, inks and machines made in Japan. You will astounded with the quality. Please ask to see the samples before the shoot and I will get them. Click here to know more.

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