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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I change my professional photos?
    If your online portrait is noticeably different from how you really look, it's time for a new one. If you change your hairstyle, got a new pair of glasses, or gained or lost weight or if your current headshot is more than 1 year old, it is a good time for an updated headshot. We change and age visibly in one year and significantly in two years.
  • What's best to wear for my professional photoshoot?
    Choosing a suit in neutral colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray, or black with a crisp white or striped shirt is the ideal choice. Avoid bold patterns and bright colors that can be too distracting in the photograph. Before your headshot session, I will provide you with a detailed guide and during the session, I will help you decide the right attire that brings out your best.
  • What should I not wear for my professional photo shoot?
    This is an easier question to answer. Creased, crumpled clothes are not to be worn at all. Old shirts and trousers which were washed several times are supposed to be donated to the less privileged. Shirts with collars that collapse...either get them fixed (yes that's possible) or donate them.
  • Should I smile in my business portrait?
    There are no rules, you can smile, or not smile, or just have a hint of a smile. In many cases, a well-executed smile can convey competence, trustworthiness, approachability, confidence, and likeability. During the headshot session, I will help you decide how much of a smile is right for you keeping your needs, branding objectives in mind. If you choose to smile, I will coach in getting a great smile that brings out the best in you. With a minimum of three edited photos included in my headshot photography session, you have the scope to try a range of expressions, and you can use whichever one is the most appropriate for your personal brand. For instance, a shot with a more serious expression might suit a webpage detailing the services you offer, while a more cheerful look might fit better on an 'about' page, where you’ll want to show a bit more of your personality.
  • My teeth are not too good, should I smile wide in my professional photo shoot?
    The question is what you like, what you are comfortable with not what you think how others are going to judge you. Good or not good are just our opinions and they are inherently relative. If you are not comfortable with your teeth showing in your headshot, you may avoid smiling or you may smile enough without revealing your teeth. A headshot is you, it is about you not about the others.
  • I am not photogenic/ I don’t look like a model. In fact, I strongly dislike my ________(nose/chin/any thing else) and am worried it will ruin my pictures. Is there a way around this?
    You don't need to look like a model to get photos taken. We can work around anything about your appearance that you’re uncomfortable with. If you have something specific that you’re self conscious about, (as well as anything about your body that you love and want to focus on!) let’s chat about it before your session gets started so I can be aware of it as I shoot. I guarantee zero judgments.
  • I hate having my photo taken. How will you make me look good?
    I will try and make you comfortable and get into the right mindset for the shoot. However you will have to trust me and trust my process, take my suggestions, cues and work with me, cooperate with me. For any reason you are unable to do so, the outcome may not be what you are looking for. Please note that there are no magic tricks to make people look good unless they are willing and open to suggestions.
  • Should I wear jewelry for my professional photo shoot?
    You may! There are no rules. It is a matter of what is appropriate for your specific needs. For corporate headshots, jewelry should be minimal so as not to cause distraction. If your needs are different, you are the best judge as to what to do.
  • Should I put on makeup for my professional photo shoot?
    Yes but please keep it minimal for corporate headshots. For formal headshots, please avoid eye shades or anything overboard.
  • Should I wear my glasses for my professional photo shoot?
    If you normally wear glasses, yes. Keep the cleaning eyeglass cloth handy however.
  • Is there anything else I should do to prepare for my professional photo shoot?
    Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your shoot - also minimize alcohol to two drinks in the evening before the shoot - but feel free to fulfill the shortfall in the quota after the shoot. Drink plenty of water to make you feel and look your best! Also make sure you iron or steam the clothing choices you are going to wear into your session and decide on how you will style your hair and/or makeup. Please go through the preparation tips I share with you when you book a session.
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