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Corporate Headshots & Portraits

A portrait, is the fruit of intense aesthetic focus,
and what could be more flattering than having that focus fixed on yourself?
~ Sophie Haigney (In a New York Times article)

You are at the center of 10k Portraits' Headshot and Portrait service,

your digital presence is the most important consideration.
For once there's someone else who cares as much as yourself about your digital presence.

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Corporate Headshots

10k Portraits' Corporate Headshots are high key or low key with no distractions. These are shot close-up with a white or a gray backdrop (can be any color though) up to half the upper arm length as you can see above. Headshots are business like, simple yet effective in conveying your personality. These can be formal or informal depending on what you need.

Corporate Headshots are useful as profile pictures in websites, social media profiles and for intros in presentations or in brand building content.

Corporate Portraits
(Vertical / Two-Thirds)

10k Portraits' Corporate Headshots cover upper two thirds of the body (also known as 'Cowboy Shot') and shot with white or gray (or any other color) backdrop. These portraits focus on your body language and expression without going close-up like Corporate Headshots.

Corporate Portraits are useful as profile intros on websites, in presentations or for brand building. 

10k Portraits' Corporate Headshots and Corporate Portraits are shot on location (in offices and homes or outdoors) with white or gray backdrop. Backdrop color can be changed to suit any specifications.

White Background: Headshots with white background have some important applications. In LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook business pages or any other social media avatars or where ever a completely consistent style is needed across multiple locations and multiple headshots and portraits, white background headshots can be a useful of all headshot styles. Emphasis is on the subject, with no distractions, facial expressions and personality jump out at the viewer.

Gray or Dark Background: As with white background headshots the emphasis is still on the subject but the atmosphere is different, stronger in many ways. Dark or gray background can add drama to headshots and is an effective alternative to white backgrounds. 

Colorful Background headshots are the most striking of all headshot styles. Whilst the emphasis is still on the subject the colorful backgrounds tell the viewer something about the subject and their brand.

Lifestyle / Environmental Portraits

10k Portraits' Lifestyle Portraits have a semi-formal feel, with you in your office or work area or outdoors or a real place in the background. These are suitable when you want a background or your surroundings that incorporates a part of the premises like corporate headquarters building, wall art, a piece of architecture, construction site, office premises or a manufacturing process. However, only a small part of the background is going to appear and it’s important that the background doesn’t conflict with the subject. 

Lifestyle or Environmental Portraits are useful as profile pictures on websites and in print media.

Outdoor Headshots

These are headshots and portraits shot outdoors with natural backdrop, in natural plus professional photography lighting. Outdoor portraits sessions are quicker but give pleasing, lovely headshots and portraits. If you are not comfortable getting the shoot done at your office or home or a studio, this is a great choice.  This service is only available between November to May every year.

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