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When is YOUR Independence Day?

The independence I'm talking about here is the freedom from desire to look like someone else, a celebrity, someone we admire for their charm, looks, color, hair, get the point. The need for a good photo of ourselves is one thing and the need to look like somebody else is altogether another thing - which leaves us with a feeling of missing something, always, a nagging need to continuously trying to look like somebody else. It is draining emotionally, physically and leaves us dissatisfied no matter what we achieved in life already and others around

A great photo is one which presents someone like they are. A genuine, authentic depiction of you, a father or a mother of your sons, daughters, son or daughter of your parents, a colleague, a neighbor, a friend...a person with his or her own personality hidden inside.

A good, authentic portrait brings out that person and presents in as genuine a manner as possible. I would succeeded if I could do for you. And you as a subject of the photo will be satisfied too, irrespective of how you or others think you look (which really doesn't matter). The day you can see that person in you, in a mirror or in a photograph, is your own independence day, the you achieved freedom from inauthentic expectations.

Speaking of bringing out our authentic personality in portraits, I'm here to get you just that. Give me a call, send me message and I will set you up, it is that easy. Click here to see the gallery of others like you who did that already. When are you going get your independence? When is YOUR independence day?


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