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Personal Events

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10k Portraits is a 5 star event photography service providing quality photos and a wonderful experience for 

birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements etc.

Quality Photography

With knowledge and technical mastery gained through years experience I make sure the photos are awesome, forget blurry, dark, flashy, grainy photos. You can see the photos yourself as I am shooting.

Great Service Experience

I am on a photographer on a mission. I am on autopilot. You never need to supervise me. You can instead forget about me and entertain your guests and enjoy the event. 

Fixed, Standard Price List

Price list with details of what you pay and what you get. No tricks & gimmicks, no BS!

Punctual, Reliable & Responsive

  • Be it coming for the shoot on time or delivering photos on time, you can be rest assured. I have a reputation for being punctual, which I would like to protect!

  • No photo fails, accidental loss or deletion of photos, none of that. With in depth knowledge and years of experience, I know the potential issues and take care of them before they happen so that your memories are safe with me.

  • Call me or message me you will always get a response. If I can't take your call, I will let you know when I can call back. 

In this short video I explain the issues people face when they engage a photographer. I also explain how I make sure you don't face these issues with 10k Portraits Photography.

Remember birthday parties when you were a kid? Gorging on those gooey cakes and ice cream? Now it is your kid's turn, right? Hosted at home or in a party hall, birthday parties are fun, an event to remember. I am here to preserve memories from your kid's birthday party with a bunch of photos and videos including solos photos of the kid, family photos, group photos with your friends and their kids, photos of games and fun activities, you name it! I will tell the story of the fun and games with my photography for you to refresh your memories. To know what you can expect, see the following candid moments from some of the birthday parties I covered.

Memories are an essential part of our lives, and they help us realize who we are and where we come from. But life happens pretty fast, taking a picture can freezes a moment in time, by slowing life down to a split second so you can go look back and relive and recall those special moments. You hand down these memories to your loved ones, to the generations that follow you, as timeless treasures that will help them understand their personal history.

Most people have phone cameras making it easy to take a photo to capture simple moments. But for important moments like your child's first birthday, your first anniversary, your parents 25th anniversary, an engagement etc? How can you make sure the photos are meaningful? That's where you need professional help. Getting professional event photography taken is a great idea for preserving beautiful moments spent with friends and family.

When these photos are put together in a physical photo album it feels wonderful browsing through them, certain thrill comes from digging out memories with pictures from the past.

10k Portraits' Unofficial or Personal Event Photography is candid documentary style photography covering the event as it unfolds, ceremonies and candid moments of people interacting or having fun. You get to re-live the moments when you look at these photos. You can get a beautiful album or a photo book made for select moments.

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