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Corporate Events

| Product Launch | Training Programs | Employee R&R | Seminars | Symposiums |
Conferences | Networking Events | Trade Shows | Team Building Activities |
| Board Meetings | Events of Corporate Social Responsibility |
| Shareholders' Meetings | Award Ceremonies |

10k Portraits is a 5 star event photography service providing quality photos and a wonderful experience for 

birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements etc.

Quality Photography

With knowledge and technical mastery gained through years experience I make sure the photos are awesome, forget blurry, dark, flashy, grainy photos. You can see the photos yourself as I am shooting.

Great Service Experience

I am on a photographer on a mission. I am on autopilot. You never need to supervise me. You can instead forget about me and entertain your guests and enjoy the event. 

Fixed, Standard Price List

Price list with details of what you pay and what you get. No tricks & gimmicks, no BS!

Punctual, Reliable & Responsive

  • Be it coming for the shoot on time or delivering photos on time, you can be rest assured. I have a reputation for being punctual, which I would like to protect!

  • No photo fails, accidental loss or deletion of photos, none of that. With in depth knowledge and years of experience, I know the potential issues and take care of them before they happen so that your memories are safe with me.

  • Call me or message me you will always get a response. If I can't take your call, I will let you know when I can call back. 

In this short video I explain the issues people face when they engage a photographer. I also explain how I make sure you don't face these issues with 10k Portraits Photography.

10k Portraits' Corporate Event Photography is candid documentary style photography covering the event as it unfolds as well as candid moments of people interacting, involved in activities or just having fun. You get the event documented professionally along with candid individual shots as bonus. 

Professional corporate event photography by 10k Portraits Photography enhances the excitement of the event, helps companies showcase events and build brands and provides a record of important moments, such as speeches and award presentations. Event photos by 10k Portraits Photography also have a variety of promotional uses after the event is over. They can be used to remind those that attended what the day was like, show those who weren’t able to be there what they missed, and increase viewership and retention of message in nearly all marketing and social media platforms.

Corporate events include product launches, training programs, employee R&R, seminars, symposiums, conferences, networking events, trade shows, team building activities, board meetings, events related to charity and corporate social responsibility, shareholders' meetings, award ceremonies etc.

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