Congratulations on booking your headshot/portrait shoot! Many folks are struggling to get a good photo of themselves - you have crossed that chasm now, you are all set up to fix that issue.

Photo shoots can be soothing, self-healing for some. It's a nice gesture to your own personality and you owe it this in the least - you owe yourself a lot more of course! (that's a discussion for another day).

Now that you are here, here are few points to bear in mind:

  • I can create photos of you in which you look like who you are. I don't promise to make you look like someone else, someone you are not. I can't do that - that's not what this service is about.

  • This is for the ladies (men may skip over to the next point) : If you do your own makeup, you won't like the outcome (unless you are a professional makeup person), your portraits will not be as good as they can be. It spelled disaster for some of my customers. While lipstick, eye liner are OK to apply yourself, others things (foundation, eyeshade, hair dye, hair cut etc.) are definitely not! Please don't try, please don't expect me to fix any makeup issues in Photoshop. I can remove blemishes, blisters etc. but can't fix poorly applied foundation or eyeshade or eyeliner.

  • Photoshop is an overrated tool - it can't make anyone look like their imagined self - it can actually mess things up, trust me on this. It is not a good idea to expect to get a virtual makeup, shaving, virtual hair dye, virtual thinning or fat removal, virtual fairness, get the point. Please get professional hair & makeup done (women) or get a barber to do your hair dye (men)

  • We are what we are...fair, dark, short, tall, fat, thin, fit...these are excuses people use to dislike themselves or others, don't join them. These judgments do no good to anyone, they don't matter.

Thank you for booking my services! This is a service where most things are laid out black and white (literally too), no double guessing necessary.


If you have time, find out about how to dress to look your best. Here're the resources for that, click here  Here're the other relevant links: