Professional Headshots and Portraits

What to expect?

Following understanding will keep all of the involved parties on same page, minimize misunderstanding and conflict. I'd encourage you to go through the following (a 4 min read) and let me know if you have any queries.


Payment: in full after the shoot before the final delivery. I take cash, UPI, NEFT, IMPS whatever suits you.

Dates and time: I would love to accommodate your convenience. Please let me know about any changes at least a day before the planned date and time.

Posing:  I will help you pose for the photos, I want to shoot a great portrait of you as much as you want a great portrait for yourself. Please note that some people can easily get into a pose while others don't find it easy. That's okay, that's what makes us all different and unique. The objective is to capture a great photo of you, the way you are.

Session Duration: Depends on the number of photos you want. Typical session for one person needing 5 photos last around 90 mins.

Location of the shoot: Charges are based on an assumption that the location of the shoot is within 15km radius from HUDA City Centre Metro Station, Gurgaon. Time, effort and cost of driving to the location of the shoot are the considerations.

Deliverable: processed and edited final images (in jpg or png format) will be shared in any size and resolution required (subject to technical feasibility). After the shoot I will let you know when you can expect the final delivery depending on the number of photos you need. As the delivery is soft copies of the photos, they will be shared via a downloadable link. Physical delivery on a thumb drive, CD, DVD or any other media is possible but prone to delays.

Preview: Around 30-40 mins after the shoot, I will give a preview of shots on my laptop after the shoot. In case my laptop malfunctions or is too slow, I will create a private web gallery for selection. 

Charges: are calculated based on the actual number of images you select or the minimum number of images agreed before the shoot - whichever is higher. Any change in the final selection on the spot can be done free of cost. However any change in the selection after delivering the selected photos will be considered as additional photos and charged proportionately.

Editing: I retouch and edit photos to make you look your best. However, do not expect magical change of appearance, hair to be of different color, fixing eyebrows, moustaches and beards etc. That kind of editing has no place in serious photography or in formal portraiture. They work against the very purpose of your getting portraits done. To get an idea of how I shoot and edit, please have a look at the portraits I shot by clicking here. Editing will be balanced, just right, never overboard. 

Rejected Photos: I retain all the photos of the session (including the rejected photos) till the date of the final delivery. After that I may have to deleted them permanently depending on memory usage. Before I delete the photos, you can ask for another preview if you want to buy more photos from the lot. As you are aware, a lot of effort, time and skill goes into photography and I need to pay my bills too, hence please don't expect me to share the rejected photos free of cost.


Thank you for reading through, thanks for your understanding. If I miss anything, just ask me. You can call me, message or email me. All buttons are there right below this text. Cheers!

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