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Preparation Tips

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Preparation Tips for Men


Haircut and Dye

 if it is more than 3 weeks since your last hair cut, get one done. and the dye as well, if you are into dyeing your hair.

Moustache, Beard and Eyebrows

Trim a day before the shoot. Don't put it off till the day of the shoot, you may not find time for that. If you are into trimming eyebrows, check. Otherwise we are good!

Hair on Ears, on and in the Nose

a reality for some men after 50 years of age. Those pesky fellows peek out of nowhere. Ask your mirror if this needs attention as well.

Here's a great 6 minute video by Ashley Weston, celebrity men's wear stylist. 



Shirts: Solid colors do good, pin stripes too. Shirts with double cuffs, are preferable, they look better and give more posing opportunities. Please avoid tight shirts - if you can see the bulge of your paunch in the mirror, it is tight, no good! Printed shirts are suitable only for informal pictures.

Trousers & Belts: Tight trousers accentuate your paunch. Better use a recently bought, well fitting trousers you are comfortable in. Don't forget the belt - of color that matches your shoes.

Jackets: Can be used if you want a semi formal look. Don't depend on your colleague who promised to get his jacket for you to borrow...just kidding! If you can't close the buttons standing up, it is tight. Tight jackets don't look good, period. Get a well fitting jacket. If you need to buy one, this is the best time and excuse to do so. If you already have one or many, get it/them dry cleaned and pressed a couple of days before the shoot. A well fitting jacket gives you confidence that shows in the photograph.

Suits: are better than jackets if you want a formal look. Suggestions same as above.

Ties, Tie Pins, Cuff links, Pocket Squares: Decide the shirt, trousers, tie, pocket square combination beforehand. Tie pins don't show in the portraits unless you are going to get a shot without your jacket/coat.

Shoes: Same color as the belt of your choice. In full length portraits and in seating portraits, they show. Get them buffed to mirror finish...kidding! Don't depend on Photoshop please, it is an overrated tool. Many things people assume is possible on Photoshop are not actually possible.

However if you are serious about dressing according to your body type here are two useful videos.

To know your your body type, watch the following 3 minute video

Once you know your body type, this is your guide to smart dressing.​

It is a 10 minute video but you can jump over the recommendation for your body type:




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Preparation Tips for Ladies


This is a good time and excuse to get it done. If you don't tie your hair in anyway and let it fall on your shoulders, please make sure the ends of the hair are not dried out. Carry a tube of hair gel or aloe vera gel that you can apply to the ends before the shoot. Frayed hair doesn't look pretty in photographs. 

Eyebrows: Don't bank of Photoshop, nothing like a real eyebrow work.


 Foundation: Go for water based foundation (especially if you have normal or dry skin). Silicone based foundations are cheaper but tend to dry out accentuating dark circles under your eyes, which you don't want.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss: Use matte lipstick with no lip gloss. Glossy lipsticks tend to shine in the flash lights and don't look pretty in a photograph (they are great otherwise, no judgment). For the same reason please avoid lip gloss. If you prefer dark shades of lipstick, let it be a conscious choice.

Eye Shades: Pastel colored eye shades applied delicately will do. Avoid dark shades for professional portraits. You might avoid eye shade altogether.

Everyday Work & Business Makeup Tutorial


Here are two great videos, one to help you know your body type and  the other to help you decide how to dress according to your body type

I hope you find these resources helpful! Did I miss anything, please click here to let me know.