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Architecture & Real Estate Photography

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  • ​The property needs to be prepared/cleaned and kept ready for the shoot. It is not possible to cleanup in Photoshop (barring minor fixes) and that kind of editing is out of scope of this service.

  • The charges mentioned above are for one visit (not exceeding 3-4 hrs). If a follow on visit is needed for any reason, that will be considered a separate visit and charged accordingly.

  • Cleaning up of any nature, re-arranging furniture or other things are not part of real estate photography service. 

  • If the property is occupied, people need to be informed about the shoot and need to cooperate during the shoot - this is your responsibility.

  • You will get the photos you pay for. The photos you choose not to buy will be deleted permanently and I won't be able to give them away for free.


Quality Manifesto

  • Fixed, transparent prices, no hidden charges, no discounts, no bargains, no demand based price increases,  no tricks, no BS.

  • On time service: on-time arrival at shoot location* and guaranteed on-time delivery. No need for follow-up, no reminders.

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