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Photo Printing

Make Your Memories Permanent

Photo prints

Just imagine having a wall in the living room with your precious memories. That definitely is better than having a clean yet blank wall or having some cheap art work. Your memories are more valuable, they deserve to be printed and hung on the wall to help you refresh them in your mind whenever you glance at them, you shouldn't be reaching out to your smartphone for that.

photo prints

Your memories are valuable, they must outlast you if you want to pass them on to the generations following you, if you want to preserve them for posterity. You can't get them back if you lose them.

10k Portraits Photography service to take care preserving your memories permanently. A service to print your memories on paper that is meant to last for hundreds of years (known are archival paper), framing them and helping you put them up on the wall.

Printing & Framing

Photo Prints

Prints are made exclusively on archival paper, which means no cheap consumer grade photo prints. The paper is acid free (refer to FAQ) and meant to last for several generations. 

Printing is done on the best in class machines with lasting inks that render colors accurately. 

Both these processes (paper selection and printing) has been selected carefully after evaluating alternatives, keeping your need for making your memories permanent in mind.

Framing is done using best available material and let me assure you these are the best times for that. Frames are made of PVC (termite resistant, waterproof and permanent). 

Options are available so that you can decide what you want. Color, quality and finish options to tailor to tailor the final look and feel.

Let me know what you need and I am all ready to listen to you and help you setup your own wall of memories.

Photo Prints

Frequently Asked Questions
Photo Printing


What is acid free paper?

Acid free paper made from cotton fiber (also known as cotton rag) paper which is also naturally non acidic, the manufacturing process is also different from that of normal photo paper.


Why is it important to use acid-free paper?

With normal photo prints, acid from inks, air, moisture causes damage and decay. This is why it is so very important to use good quality Acid Free and archival materials for the preservation of your treasured memories. 


What happens if we use normal paper instead of acid free paper for printing photos?

If you don’t use true acid free materials you will find that your photos discolor or disintegrate more quickly than they would naturally.


What is archival quality?

This is a term used to indicate that materials have undergone laboratory analysis to determine and confirm that their acidic and conservation properties are within safe levels.

Why does normal paper deteriorate?
Until the mid 19th century, most papers were made of rag or cloth stock. Around 1860 the paper mills started using ground wood with acids, bleach, and alum resulting in papers with a high acid content (low pH). These papers react with water and the atmosphere to produce self-destructive acidic compounds. These acids act on the paper, shorten the fibers, causing them to become brittle, discolor, and crumble into dust as shown below:

acid free paper, art paper
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