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Why You Don't Like Your Own Photos (Reason 4)

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This one should read 'why you don't have a single decent photo of you'.

Procrastination, postponing things is more common than diabetes. It affects the rich, poor and everyone in between. Be it about getting that haircut, servicing of your vehicle or getting a professional portrait of you, these thing on which our life doesn't depend on get bumped endlessly.

It is important in this context to understand what you are losing (if you are affected by this disease) - the opportunity cost of a potential employer passing you on because your profile pic makes you look unprofessional or missing altogether. Potential business you missed because for someone looking for a trustworthy, reliable person to partner with didn't get right impression about you because of a bad photo or no photo of you on your LinkedIn or website profile. The opportunity cost, the loss is enormous especially considering what it takes to get a professional headshot or a portrait, just a phone call.

Call me now and I will get you your professional portrait or a headshot.


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