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Why You Don't Like Your Own Photos (Reason 2)

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A portrait is not a click on the camera - it is not a snapshot of you, it is not something you get while attending someone's wedding or a party, it is not what you think it is. There's more to it than is obvious.

Getting a portrait is a deliberate act, an intention, a serious effort to show the real you to the world. It takes effort and investment, it is not a passing snap you get anytime, anyhow.

If you don't like your portraits, perhaps you are not willing to give what it takes a great photo of you that you love or you couldn't find a portrait photographers who can give you what you are looking for.

Bottom line? Getting a portrait done is a deliberate, intentional act, not something you expect for free or easy without any effort.

If you have read this far, perhaps you want a portrait and I'm here to help. Get in touch with me.


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