• Ravi Putcha

The Big Why!

Why write about photography? a quick question

Why write, rather than just take photos? This is another way of posing it

Isn't a photographer supposed to take photos rather than write about it? A more elaborate version

Fair question and versions, all of them.

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I write about photography because that's what is on my mind. I think about it, I think about each interaction I had with my clients when I was shooting, each shutter press, each interaction with my equipment, light, people. Each word uttered, each incident that occurred, everything. I ruminate all these memories like a cow chews at its cud.

But why? I do it because that's what my life is, that's what I do. What happened? and why it happened? could it have been better for the client and for me? what could I do to make it better?...these are the questions I constantly ask myself and ruminate and then write about them. That helps me in improving, evolving my service, enjoying life in general.

Speaking of service, 10k Portraits is a portrait photography service like no other. You can check it out here, give me a call, message me, find me on the internet, check out my services. It's easy to find me because I am waiting to hear from you.