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The 2nd Big Why!

Why do I shoot portraits?

Why not weddings?

Isn't that what most photographers shoot? Weddings?

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Lights, Camera, Action!

When everything is setup, the lighting is right, camera settings are right and you are ready and smiling (assuming you are getting your portraits or headshots done by me), rearing to go and I start to shoot,. Strobes flash eagerly, lighting, wrapping your face up with white, gentle glow. I check some shots, show them to you, keep shooting, there are more photos to shoot, so I keep going and that's a wrap, we are done!

"Shooting portraits, looking at faces is almost voyeuristic". ~ Mark Mann (A Scottish Portrait Photographer from New York)

Wait, there's something missing here. I haven't said anything about saying anything to you, talking to you, telling you to turn, lean, move, smile, look. The part where I coach you to get into a portrait or a headshot, the part that tells you what to do when I point the camera at you. There's something about that interaction, that's the most important part.

I'd say, that interaction adds a new dimension to the story. There's something about portraits that makes me want to shoot more. It's like a craving for coffee, more coffee. I crave the whole thing, whole activity of shooting portraits, looking, watching, observing, interacting. I love doing it and that's the answer to the 2nd big 'why'. That interaction helps me connect with you at an intellectual level. That's the purpose, answer to the big 'Why'.

I'd shoot portraits than anything else because that is my coffee.

I am eager and ready to actually shoot for you, let me know when you are. It is easy to get in touch with me. This is a portrait photography service like no other. You can check it out here, give me a call, message me, find me on the internet, check out my services. It's easy to find me because I am waiting to hear from you.


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