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Barbers & Photographers

Barbers and photographers both have an effect on how you look (idea from Levi Sim on 'Master Photography' podcast). The effect of a haircut might last about 2 weeks but a photo lasts a life time and beyond. But with a photo, like in some sci-fi movies you are freezing a version of yourself at a point in time. That version can't be replicated a day later or before. It is an irretrievable moment in your life

This realization also puts a lot of responsibility on a photographer to make sure what he/she's creating lasts beyond the life time of all the people involved in it. And a client or a subject entrusting a photographer to do that for him/her is an honor for a photographer. It is humbling too. I am happy to do this for you, take a great headshot or portrait of you, just get in touch with me (click here). You are welcome to look at the gallery here.


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