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Pop Your Bubble

When Chris Columbus thought the land in front of him was India (or Indies), that became the de facto fact, everyone thought so too. Only after many years after that it was clear that what they discovered was not Indies. Till that time, everyone was living in a bubble Chris Columbus created. A bubble is a self contained set of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, values and everything else that our consciousness is made up of. It is an echo chamber of beliefs.

People of our times are no smarter, its only that we live in different bubbles (aka. ideas). The old bubbles pop and the new ones emerge. If you don't have one of your own, you gravitate towards the one or the other. Bubbles are magnets - depending on how you approach them (from north or south) you get either sucked in or pushed away.

Eg. Nationalism is a bubble, Republicans in the US created a bubble called 'Stolen Election'.

There are less all encompassing bubbles, we can have our own personal bubbles which stop us from seeing other bubbles, better bubbles. How do we see and get into other bubbles? Books, documentaries, thoughts and new ideas.

Speaking of bubbles, don't live in your own bubble when it comes to your self image. Just like everything else in life, it needs maintenance. We grow older, we grow wiser, climb several rungs on the ladder (your own) and your image needs maintenance too. I am here to help you in that department, the department of Image Maintenance. Head over to to let me know what you need.


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