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A lady who wanted her headshots felt my charges were too high (I presume compared to some benchmark she had in mind).

A customer (who returned from London) thought the charges here are one third or less what they are in London.

Well, it is relative, I get it. But what's my logic in charging what I charge, high or low? It comes to balance. We need to balance our time, effort with the need to make the ends meet, with the need to learn and improve. Charge too high and no one might come to you, too less and I will only be shooting day and night. That leaves me no time to learn from my mistakes and improve my craft. It is a balance between what you need and what must strive for. It is personal and unique to each of us.

My balance lies at a place where I am shooting for customers who are serious enough to pay what I charge - mind you 30% of what they charge in the US, UK and Australia. I also want to discourage customers who see photography as a commodity service.

I assure transparency in charging though and assured results. If you are with me on this, if you are looking for your headshots and portraits, click here to get in touch with me.


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