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You Will Not Do Anything Remarkable In Your Life

There are a 2 ways you can react when someone tells you 'You will not be doing anything remarkable in your life'.

1. What? What's he talking about? Has he gone nuts?

2. Yeah, that rings true

If you are the second type, you got it figured, read further if you have time.

If it is the first, read on. this is for you, you got to read this.

Step back a bit and think about your own childhood - was it remarkable? were you a child genius like Mozart? were you in the news or were you widely talked about and recognized (don't tell me about those awards, please - even being on cover of Life magazine doesn't count)? Would your friends consider your childhood remarkable? what about your spouse?

There were so many great people who made astounding contributions to our understanding of medicine, science, engineering and all the other fields. How many of them can you list right now without googling or without any aid?

Will you be considered one such great contributors after say 150 years? Most probably your answer is 'no'. That's the point, however much self esteem you have, however famous and well known you are, you are going to fade away in the river of time, you will become a drop in the forgotten ocean of human past, all of us will be forgotten, you are not alone. That's the reality - we all must realize and remember. By the time your grandson or grand daughter become a granddad or grand mom, you will already forgotten. Few people will even know your name or that you existed.

Realizing this is the starting point of doing something great, something remarkable in your life. Go do it! I want you to be remarkable, not what I am suggesting as an alternative here, the least you could do, which is to leave a photo of you behind for your great-great-grand daughter and I can help you there click here to get in touch with me.

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