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How to Ruin a Photo Shoot?

It is easy, you don't have try very hard. Here is how...


Just focus on the money part, easy! A photo shoot is an expensive affair, agreed, but do you really want to ruin it, now that you already decided to go for it? Would you rather focus on how expensive it is, instead of making the best of it? this approach will definitely kill a photo shoot.


Skimp or laze it out on makeup/grooming - easier! Don't hire a specialist, instead trying to do the makeup by yourself (especially if you are not good at it) or for men: put off grooming to 'later' - because everything can be fixed in Photoshop (really?) Forget fixing, you will surely ruin the photo shoot and come out in flying colors.

I remember a lady who was so angry (with me? for being expensive?) that she wouldn't work with me on the shoot, did her own makeup (she has right to do so, I get it) and messed it up big time. There was hair dye on her forehead, lipstick on her upper eye lids (she was using her fingers to eye-shade, apparently), the foundation was smeared clumsily and didn't match her skin tone, she had no idea how to use the blush, her eye brows would make caterpillars blush and she expected me to fix all these issues because she was paying me a 'lot' in her opinion.

A gent once asked me to shave him using Photoshop, bad idea! (I declined).

Both of these ended in disaster and anyone can learn from others' mistakes. Don't do it, I put together a bunch of tips by experts on how to prepare for a photo shoot. There's no shame in asking for help.

Speaking of great photo shoots that get to photos you'd be proud of, I can make it happen for you in no time. You just have to let me know. It is easy to get in touch with me, find me on internet. What are you waiting for?


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