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Are You Serious?

Corporate headshots
Headshots portraits

This is what you need to ask yourself before you upload that selfie. The selfie you took in your cousin's wedding or that weekend party at your colleague's place. It is dress-up and try to look your best on such occasions and you want a snap taken.

Fast forward to today! You need to update your profile picture on LinkedIn or send your photo for making that new ID card. Is the HR following up with you for a photo they want to upload on your company website?

Are you indeed serious? Are you going to send a selfie or that photo that friend of yours took on your mobile? Even if you are, people won't take you seriously.

When you are holidaying, when you are sleeping, when you are sick and AWOL, that photo represents you. People see YOU in that photo. If you are serious you wouldn't use photos like that.

That's where we come in. Give us a call and get the best professional portrait you ever had.


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