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A Portrait is a Window

...into your soul. As per Wikipedia, the intent (of a portrait) is to display the likeness, personality and even the mood of the person. A photo without these is not a portrait, it is just a snapshot. You attend a wedding and the photographer takes a photo of you (he is required to take some candid shots of the guests as well) and you post it to your Facebook profile and worse to your Instagram profile thinking that's you. The fact is that is not you. Someone standing in front of a camera to get clicked is like visiting a doctor without getting a prescription. The person in such photos is not YOU, you as in your personality.

To open a window into your soul, you need a photographer who knows how to open you up, talk you into it, setup an environment where you can open up and let yourself be seen, let him open that window into your soul, so that others can peep in through that window. That's what makes a portrait of you. That portrait is the one that you tend to love and feel proud about. That is the portrait that connects a viewer with you, strike a chord in their mind, make you tick, create a brand image for you, tell others who you really are.

It is not about cameras, it is not about lighting (well may be a bit, but not a whole lot), it is not about a studio, it is not about anything people usually associate photography with. You might be wondering now how to go about all this?

Fortunately you are at the right place. I will take care of these things for you. I will set you up for a portrait session and open up a window into your soul. I am just a call or a message away, feel free to click these links to get in touch with me. Let's talk.

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