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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Photoshoot?

A photoshoot is a session of photography done indoors or outdoors for a planned duration. 

Who is a photoshoot for? Who can get it done?

A photoshoot is suitable for family photos, baby photos, singles for fashion, modeling or matrimonial purposes. Special purpose photos like for Instagram and other social media websites, corporate websites, sports, gym, fitness etc. 

How are photoshoots different from corporate headshots and portraits?

Photoshoots are done in informal setting without backdrop, using ambient settings eg. homes, offices, outdoors, gyms, public places etc. 

How many photos do you take in a session?

I usually shoot multiple photos in a single session so that you can select the headshot or portrait that you like, so that you have a choice.


Do I have to pay for all the photos you take in a session?

No! you only pay for the photos you select. I will show you all the photos, you can select what you like and pay for them. I will edit the photos you selected and give them to you.


I need photos to be of specific size and resolution for Instagram and Facebook. Can you do it?

Yes, of course! I won't charge you for that. I will give you each photo in Facebook/Instagram recommended size and resolution so that you can just upload them to your profile without having to crop or resize. 


What do you do with the photos I don't select/choose to buy?

The photos you don't select are deleted.


Can you give away the photos I didn't select for free? (you are anyway going to delete them)

I delete them BECAUSE you are not buying them meaning that you don't need them. If you want them you are welcome to buy all of them. You pay for the photos you take.  I too need to pay for my equipment, computer hardware, storage, software subscriptions, commute to your office/home, my assistant and a host of other bills.


I/my family members are camera shy. Will you help us in posing?

Yes, of course! I will guide you in bringing out your best for your family photos. None of my customers are models - please check this gallery - all these are people just like you.


I don't know what to wear for the shoot. Can you help me with that?

Yes, I will work with you to make the shoot a successful one. I put together a detailed guide to grooming for both men and women - click here to see that. If you still have any questions you can always get in touch with me.


Along with a few family photos, I also want some headshots/portraits. Is it possible?

Yes, absolutely! Please let me know in advance and I will get necessary equipment along. Check this gallery of headshots / portraits?

What should we wear for our session?

Try to coordinate clothing as much as possible, avoid busy-looking prints and clothing logos that look distracting in photos. Solid colors like khakis, black skirts, blue jeans and shirts of similar, solid colors photograph well together. Avoid white shirts if possible, if it’s sunny outside, solid white shirts are not recommended. 


Our home is very small. Can we still do the photo shoot?

Yes, once I am at your home, based on space available and lighting, we can select the best location in your home. If it is not deemed suitable, we can head outdoors for the shoot. Some of the photos in this gallery were shot in small homes.


Didn't get what you are looking for? Please click here to let me know.

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