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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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How many photos do you take in a session?

I usually shoot multiple headshots and portraits for each person in a single session so that you can select the headshot or portrait that you like, so that you have a choice. However that depends on how much time you can spare for the shoot.

What do you do with the photos I don't select/choose to buy?

I delete those photos anytime after you select the photos you want to pay for.

Is there a limit on the duration of the shoot?

No, there's none. However it will be proportional to the number of photos you need.

Can we bring our pet for the shoot?

Yes, pets are not a problem. Please bring some treats for the pets to encourage them to participate in the shoot.

Can I change my photo selection?

No, once you make a selection for the first time, the rest of the photos you didn't select will be deleted hence it is not possible to change your selection.

I need photos for Facebook/Instagram. Can I have them in the required format and size?

Yes, you can!

Do I have to pay for all the photos you take in a session?

No! You only pay for the photos you select. I will show you all the photos, you can select what you like and pay for them. I will edit the photos you selected and give them to you.

Can you give me the photos I didn't select for free? (you are anyway going to delete them)

I can't give away photos for free. 


I delete them BECAUSE you are not buying them meaning that you don't need them. If you want them you are welcome  to pay and have all of them.

Is there a limit on number of poses or outfits?

No, there's none. However it will be proportional to the number of photos you need. You are expected buy at least one photo per change.

Can we bring some props?

YES! Anything that you’d like to use in your photos that defines your style, personality, etc. is a great way to make your photo shoot more personalized. 

Do you retouch all the portraits?

Yes, I retouch all the photos you choose to buy. Once I send you the edited and retouched photos, you can ask for changes if any though 99% people are happy with the photos they see at this stage. However, once the changes you ask (if any) are done and given to you, retouching is finished - no more changes will be possible after that.


Location of the Shoot

Will you come to our home to take photos?

Yes of course! I will come to your office or home or outdoors to shoot your photos.

If we're shooting outside, what do we do if it rains or if it looks like it might rain?

I will keep giving you updates right from the day you book the service. A day prior to the shoot, depending on the weather prediction we may need to adjust the time and date of the shoot

Is it possible to shoot outdoors? Do you know any suitable outdoor locations?

Yes, it is possible.

Yes, I know a few locations where photoshoots can be done.


Being Photogenic / Camera Shy

I don't know what to wear for the shoot. Can you help me with that?

Yes, I will work with you to make the shoot a successful one. I put together a detailed guide to grooming for both men and women - click here to see that. If you still have any questions you can always get in touch with me.

I hate having my photo taken. How will you make me look good?

There is no such thing as photogenic! There are bad poses, unflattering angles, and tense faces. I can and will help with all of that and more. I will guide you through the posing of every shot I take.

I am camera shy. Will you help me in posing?

Yes, of course! I will guide you in bringing out your best for a headshot or a portrait. None of my customers are models - please check this gallery - all these are people just like you.

I don’t look like a model. In fact, I strongly dislike my ________(nose/chin/any thing else) and am worried it will ruin my pictures. Is there a way around this?

You absolutely do not need to look like a model, and none of the people in the photos in the gallery are models. We can work around anything about your appearance that you’re uncomfortable with. If you have something specific that you’re self conscious about, (as well as anything about your body that you love and want to focus on!) let’s chat about it before your session gets started so I can be aware of it as I shoot.

Your question is not here?

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