Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payments & Discounts


What are the payment terms? or When do I need to make the payment?

An advance is to be paid to book a slot/ block my calendar. The balance is to be paid after the shoot on the day of the shoot. Full payment needs to be realized before delivery of photos / videos / album / prints etc.

Can I pay the balance amount after delivery of photos / videos? or 

Can I make partial payment now and pay the balance after I receive the photos as agreed?

I am unable to offer this facility at this time. Full payment is to be realized before completion of the final deliverable (photos / videos / album / prints). 

Will you deliver photos / videos if I make the full payment before-hand? or  How can I trust you? 

I understand your legitimate concern regarding my trustworthiness because you haven't dealt with me earlier or might have had bad experience with other service providers earlier. I assure you that in years of providing this service, I never slipped on my obligations to deliver as agreed. The voice of my customers is a testament (click here) to who I am and how reliable and trustworthy my services are. We all need to make a leap of faith in order to get what we need - hope you we are on same page on this.

I will pay you eventually, can't you wait? or Why are you so anxious about payment? or Don't you trust me? 

Just as you expect me to deliver photos on time, I expect you to pay after the shoot (when to make the payment was made clear at the time of booking). I feel it is only fair that we both keep our ends of the deal. I am not anxious but eager to bring the transaction to a timely and logical closure i.e. I delivery my service as promised and get paid as per the schedule agreed beforehand. 

How to make the payment?

You can pay by cash or by UPI apps like WhatsApp, BHIM, PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, FreeCharge, Mobikwik etc or bank transfer using IMPS or NEFT.

Can we get an invoice? What are the applicable taxes? Are the taxes included?

Taxes are not included in the price and are charged extra. Yes, you can get an invoice which will always be a tax invoice. As per GST Act, 18% is the tax on photography services. 


The price that's offered to you is the only price (fixed price) I have. In the interest of transparency and to make sure tha all my customers get same price, I have a single, fixed price at a time for a given service.