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Congratulations on booking your event photography session with 10k Portraits Photography. Please take a minute to read the following:

Location & Lighting in Event Photography

Quality of the photos depend on the kind of location and available lighting (ambient lighting). Hence it is very important to pay attention to these aspects. Please see the diagram below:

location and lighting

If you already booked locations that fall under worst possible possible lighting conditions in the scale given above, please let me know. There are certain adjustments that can be done to remedy the situation.

Please do not trust the managers of pubs/bars/restaurants or decorators when it comes to lighting. They will always assure you that the lighting arrangement they made is adequate and almost always they are lying - because they don't have an idea about lighting and its impact on the quality of photos. It is like taking health advice from a vegetable vendor, who is not qualified to give you that advice. Ignore what they say!

If the lighting is adequate from photography point of view, only a photographer can tell you that.

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