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Congratulations on booking your headshot/portrait shoot!

Please take a minute to check out these important notes:


  • I am a professional photographer, this is my full time work and all my services are paid services. 

  • Headshot & Portrait photography service charges are based on the number of photos you select or choose to buy.

  • The charges and deliverables are clearly written and shared with you upfront and will be calculated at the end of the shoot. You can estimate the charges using this calculator - click here.

  • Please pay immediately after the shoot. If you want an invoice, please add 18% GST to the total

  • I don't offer free photos, free express delivery, unedited photos, photo dumps (yuck!), freebies, discounts, deals of any nature or in any form.

  • At the end of the shoot, I will discuss with you on the kind of professional retouching that is appropriate to your needs. However, I don't do offer these photoshop fixes: makeup, shaving, hair dye, thinning or fat removal, fairness etc. That is not only unprofessional but will definitely mess things up and ruin your and my reputation. 

  • Fixing stray hair or making any kind of cleanup at the edges in outdoor headshots is not feasible without messing up the background as well. Please discuss with me beforehand about your requirements, I will make sure you are choosing the right type of service that suits 

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