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Headshots & Portraits

for Individuals

This is not like any photography service you have seen till now!

This is not that 'click and give' photography service you must have used
when you last visited a studio to get a passport size photo done before your board exams,
or to get a photo done for your visa, not by a long shot!

This is a service that you most probably haven't experienced before!
I help you prepare for the shoot
I bring the studio to your doorstep
I help you get comfortable in front of camera, (help you pose) - to bring out your best
Then I help you choose the best of the shots from many that I shoot
I retouch the best selected shots to make them even better
in a nutshell, I will change your
relationship with your own appearance...
I give you the photos promptly, no follow ups necessary,

this is a an end to end headshot / portrait photography service.

What do you pay for this service?


This is a headshot and portrait photography service like no other - you will say this yourself after the fact. My work doesn't start and end with clicking photos. It starts by helping you prepare to groom, select your attire and ends when I retouch and give you the headshots / portraits you are looking for. This is what you can expect:

  • Guidance in preparing for the shoot: I will to work with you and provide consultation about the type of headshot or portrait you need, what to wear, grooming, makeup, location of the shoot or just about anything to help you prepare for the shoot. If you need a makeup person, I can arrange that for you.

  • Studio at your doorstep:  Shoot at your office or home or outdoor, as per your your choice and convenience. I bring studio to you, complete with professional lighting (no shortcuts) and backdrop with color choices. With a studio right in your living room, you can change your attire with peace of mind, pose without being self conscious. 

  • Posing: I will coach you and get comfortable in front of the camera to get the best of you in your headshot / portrait.

  • Shoot: I typically take dozens of photos till I get the photos that makes you say 'Yes!'. I don't mind the time and effort I spend in getting you the best possible photo, I am on your side.

  • Selection: I will help you pick and choose those best shots that truly represent YOU (from dozens).

  • Editing: I discuss the editing plan with you and tailor it to suit your tastes and preferences so that you get what you are looking for.

  • Delivery: of photos in any format you want: for your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, name it. I will give you photos that just fit the size, quality, resolution, format requirements of these platforms.

This is as end to end a service as it gets.

Why do I go that extra mile? Photography for me is a labor of love, not a means of earning money or of pleasing people or of becoming famous. All I care for is how good a portrait / headshot I can give you and I believe this is the best possible way to achieve that.

Refer to this quality policy to understand how I work and what I believe in and click here to know more about me. I think photography all the time and blog about it - click here to get to know my thoughts.

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