Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Event Photography

We are hosting a small party with a very few people. Do you offer discounts for smaller parties?

Event photography charges are based on effort and duration of the shoot not the number of guests attending (which is relevant for only caterers and wedding photographers). Unless the number of guests is very large (>100 in which case the number of photos and length of video footage will be much higher), you will get same number of photos whether 20 people attend of 85 attend. 

What is covered?

A series of candid photos of the event as it happens (games, shows, dances, ceremonies etc.) , candid and posed group photos, some solo photos of people key to the event (right at the venue), and photos of things important for the event (cakes, wedding rings, decorations and other details). To see a sample of event photos, please click here

What's not covered?

Solo photo shoots, outdoor photos (if the event is being held indoors), any photos to be taken out of the venue of the event but not part of the event unless agreed before hand in writing through WhatsApp or email.

Following are only a few examples of shoots which can't be combined unless otherwise agreed in writing and always charged separately. Let us talk about your plans beforehand to avoidable discussions in front of your guests and make the experience pleasant for you. Please call me or message me.

  • Birthday event                                      with    indoor or outdoor baby photo shoot 

  • Baby shower event                              with    maternity shoot

  • Engagement or anniversary event with    pre-wedding shoot, couple shoot, solo photoshoots

  • Any event shoot                                    with    real estate shoot, property, product shoots 


Exceptions are always possible but need to be discussed and agreed in writing and always charged extra. Please get in touch with me, lets discuss your plans to make the experience smooth for you.

Is there a time limit for event coverage?

Yes, there is - please click here to know the shoot duration for the package you selected. The time starts right when I arrive at the location - wait time is also included. Anything beyond specified duration is chargeable per each additional hour - to know the additional charges applicable, please click herePlease consult me if you want to plan the event timing and I am happy to accommodate your requirements.

How much waiting time included in the shoot?

A normal, reasonable waiting time of 30 minutes is included in the total shoot duration - please click here to know the shoot duration for the package you chose. To maximize the number of photos you get, please tell me actual time you want me to be there. Asking me to arrive an hour before the shoot reduces the number of photos I can give you or increases the amount you need to pay. Both of these are wasteful and unnecessary.

We want you to arrive 30 minutes before the event to take some photos. Can you do that?

Yes, I can. As mentioned above, that also counts in the total shoot duration - please click here to know the shoot duration for the package you chose. Even if there's a delay in starting the event, I would continue to shoot but charge extra for additional time, the details of which are also mentioned here.


Do you arrive on time? What happens if you don't?

I arrive on time because I start before hand planning to arrive by promise time. If there are unforeseen, exigent circumstances, I will let you know. If I arrive with a slight delay, the time starts when I arrive - I will stay as per the promised duration of the shoot. In years of experience, I never arrived too late to shoot, rest assured.

Our home is not well lit, will you be able to take good photos? or

Will you use umbrella lighting because the lighting is not very good at the venue?

I carry my own off camera flash equipment and use it as I deem fit - for photography. You don't have to worry about these details, that's what you are paying me to do, right? Bottom-line is this: you will get well exposed photos, no matter what - not dark, unusable photos. However I won't be able to light up the whole area - please get in touch with a decorator for the same.


Parties at home or small spaces?

Yes, often ceremonies are held at home or in placed with limited space. That is not going to be a problem.

The party will be held at large banquet halls or large homes or resorts, will you be able to cover everything?

I shoot the main event wherever that is held. Hence the area of the property is not relevant.

How will you make sure you are clicking at least one picture of all my guests?

I do not guarantee that at least one picture of all your guests will be shot because I don't know your guests. However you can let me know whose picture you want, I will take photos of that person. As you would appreciate that I don't know who's is who and can't do it on my own - not without your help.  


I want to be photographed with some people who will be coming to the party. Is it possible?

Absolutely yes! you can let me know what is important for you, I will shoot that. If you have some important guests with whom you want to be photographed, let me know on the spot. Also let me know relations important to you so that I can take photos of those people with you. Please note that I don't know what or who is important to you unless you tell me.

How many photos can we expect?

You can expect at least 60 photos for each hour of shoot. A typical event of 2 to 2.5 hours will get you 120 to 180 photos. This is an indicative number, not a rule. Often you get more, rarely you do get less in unforeseen conditions are not suitable for photography (eg. rain during an outdoor event, event getting delayed or changed, changes in the venue at the last minute etc.)

Do you give all the photos you shoot?

I share with you all the good photos of the event. But there will be photos in which people blinked, or made awkward face or expression, photos where there is camera shake, flash misfire, accidental misfire, focus blur, or otherwise photos which didn't turn out to be good aesthetically - these photos are deleted, never processed and shared with anyone under any circumstances.

How are the photos shared?

Through a link that you can use to download the photos. For easy access to photos, for sharing with friends and family, I can also upload them to your Google Photos, Dropbox, Evernote or any other app of your choice?

What happens to our photos after you share them with us?

After I share the final set with you, mostly delete them permanently at any time within one month depending on data store available with me.

Do you edit the photos? Can we make special editing requests?

Included: Basic editing is done for exposure correction, cropping, color correction as deemed necessary. 

Not included: Any kind of photo manipulation, special editing requests like retouching, making someone look leaner, fairer etc., blurring, adding or removing people or  elements from photo, special editing for Instagram, Tiktok etc. 


Will the photos be blurry, dark or having any other problems?

No, I never share such photos. Either they will be corrected if possible or I will have other identical photos to give you (I take more than one photo usually so that wouldn't be a problem).  However sometimes some shots are missed and that's the reality of life. It is not humanely possible to get everything 100% right. But I can assure you that they will be a very few exceptions like that.

What is the resolution of your cameras? In what resolution will we get out photos?

Photos are shot on cameras with resolution of 24 to 36 mega pixels. However final photos are shared in 72dpi of 1mb size (approximately). If you have any specific requirements, please let me know.

We want an album. Do you give albums as part of the package?

For the sake of transparency in pricing, I don't combine the charges for shooting and album making. Albums come in different sizes and qualities, you can choose what fits your needs.  The answer is Yes, you can get an album. 


Do you make/design albums?

Yes, I do design albums of the photos and get them printed by professional printing services like Canvera. These albums will be shipped to you directly by courier. Get in touch with me to know the prices.

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