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Unofficial / Personal Events

10k Portraits' Unofficial or Personal Event Photography is candid documentary style photography covering the event as it unfolds, ceremonies and candid moments of people interacting or having fun. You get to re-live the moments when you look at these photos. You can get a beautiful album or a photo book made for select moments. Get in touch with me to know more.

Remember birthday parties when you were a kid? Gorging on those gooey cakes and ice cream? Now it is your kid's turn, right? Hosted at home or in a party hall, birthday parties are fun, an event to remember. I am here to preserve memories from your kid's birthday party with a bunch of photos and videos including solos photos of the kid, family photos, group photos with your friends and their kids, photos of games and fun activities, you name it! I will tell the story of the fun and games with my photography for you to refresh your memories. To know what you can expect, see the following candid moments from some of the birthday parties I covered.

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