Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Clear, reasonable expectations clarify what to expect so that we have a better understanding about the outcome. 

What is covered in Baby Photography?

Candid solo photos of the baby, photos of the baby with either or both the parents and family members.

How to select photos?

You can select the photos in the camera or I can show you the photos in my laptop for selection.

What's not covered?

Props, dresses or decor of any kind​. 

How are the photos shared?

Through a link that you can use to download the photos. For easy access to photos, for sharing with friends and family, I can also upload them to your Google Photos, Dropbox, Evernote or any other app of your choice?

What happens to our photos after you share them with us?

After I share the final set with you, mostly delete them permanently at any time after 2 weeks, depending on data store available with me.

What is the resolution of your cameras? In what resolution will we get out photos?

Photos are shot on cameras with resolution of 24 to 36 mega pixels. However final photos are shared in 72dpi of 1mb size (approximately). If you have any specific requirements, please let me know.

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Baby Photography